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Brand: Raytec Model: VAR-i8-LENS-120-50
Individual i8 VARIO Lens - 120H x 50V VAR-i8-LENS-120-50 Datasheet..
Brand: Raytec Model: VAR-i8-LENS-80-30
Individual i8 VARIO Lens - 80H x 30V VAR-i8-LENS-80-30 Datasheet..
Brand: Raytec Model: VAR-RC
Remote Control for any Vario Illuminator (only one remote needed)..
Brand: Raytec Model: VAR2-i8-1-C
Features: Low Voltage Infra-Red IlluminatorsPLATINUM Elite SMT LED TechnologyVARIO Interchangeable Lens SystemAngles 10-120 degrees - from 1 productHot-spot Reduction Technology (HRT)VARIO Remote Control (optional)Advanced Security Settings VARIO2 is the next generation of Infra-Red and White-Li..
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